The Skyland Bay Company is a small, family business located in the Santa Cruz mountains, high above Monterey Bay.

We are committed to using pure natural essential oils and only stable vegetable fixed oils from renewable sources, such as olive, palm and coconut, distinguishing us from the mainstream producers.  Our soap is made in small batches, using a room temperature saponification process with pure sodium hydroxide.  We then superfat with jojoba, a very stable vegetable oil. The soap is cut by hand into bars which are then carefully aged.

No artificial colours, fragrances, nor any animal products are used in our soaps. No animal testing is done.

We suggest that since our soap making process retains all of the glycerin (approximately 9%) that these soaps not rest wet, but are allowed to dry between use on a soap stand or a ridged soap-dish.


Skyland Bay Company  
fine handmade soaps & gifts to pamper your spirit